Private training days with Jemma,Founder & CEO at UV Lash Glue Cosmetics.

Whether you're a beginner and want to learn classic & Russian lashes using UV lash glue or a trained lash tech wanting to up-skill and learn the UV Lash Glue System technique, we can cater for your training needs at UV Lash Glue cosmetics. 

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In this training we will cover

Health & Safety when using the UV lash system

I'll go over why using a trusted brand when it comes to UV lashing is extremely important. We'll also be talking about insurance (not all insurance companies insure the UV Lash system), the lamp wavelengths and why our lamps don't penetrate the skin thus causing no damage to the eye area & more.

Your Social Media Presence

I share my tips to getting booked up in a matter of weeks! When I opened my business I used these techniques and was fully booked straight away & have never looked back. I have a marketing background so I have a lot of insider tips and tricks to share with you. Everything from which clip on camera lense, which apps to edit photos to creating posts that attract attention and how to get your first 20 customers & MORE.


I run my training groups with small numbers on purpose so that I can give you the attention YOU deserve. I've read so many posts on Facebook with lash techs saying they left their training not really knowing what to do or where to start and feeling really unconfident and deflated. I want you to leave my course feeling empowered and excited to use a brand new product and completely smash it in an industry that has the potential to give you financial freedom.  


Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, UV lashing is different to regular lashing so it's important to learn how to use our products correctly.

Customers are seeking lash techs with great retention and our product WORKS. This glue cures instantly so clients can leave the same day and get their lashes wet, go to the gym, get rained on, jump in a pool- those lashes will still be on them! 

You can charge MORE for this luxury service & clients will be coming back!


UV lashing is the future of lashing. Be on the right end of the wave! This is an UPSELL. UV lashes last much longer than regular lash glue and clients NEVER have problems with retention. Many of the normal issues lash techs have at the beginning of their careers (retention, glue, placement) can all be iradicated just by using our lash system. Using UV lash glue even helps you lash quicker! No more 4-5 hour sets for newbies and experiend lash techs can shave up to 30 mins off their treatment times. 


No. We have three different classes you can enroll in. 

Beginners classic lashes

Our ultimate newbie to lashing course. This is for people who have zero lashing experience. You will learn ALL the basics & MORE to confidently lash classic lashes using our UV Lash Glue system. 

Beginners Russian Lashes

This course is for those who have already done a classic lashing course and are looking to take the plunge into the world of Russian lashes (& Hybrid lashing) using our UV Lash system.


For experienced lash techs looking to learn to use our UV Lash Glue system and upgrade their skills, lashing quicker, creating fans easier and learning tips and tricks to get new customers & retain 100% of their customers.

What makes this course different?

This course is different because our UV Lash System is revolutionizing the lash industry. We want to teach you how to use this amazing technique to create better lash sets, faster, eliminating 99% of problems lash techs normally have when starting out. 

PLUS we care about you & your business and we want to help you be SUCCESSFUL. This is a tough industry, learn how to get clients, keep clients and most importantly lash like a BOSS. 

  • In depth guide to lashing
  • Social media help
  • Being booked & busy
  • How to use our UV Lash Glue system 
  • Why UV lashing is changing the lash game 
  • How you can earn MORE & be your own BOSS.

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