How To Use UV Lash Glue

Using UV lash glue is definitely different to regular lash glue so it's really important to learn how to use it correctly before attempting to lash a client with it. We also offer special UV lash training days in Kent for either lash techs looking to upgrade their services to UV Lash Glue or for beginners looking to train in Classics & Russian lashes using our UV Lash Glue System. 

Consistency of UV glue

One of the first things you'll notice when using UV lash glue is that the consistency is thicker than your regular glue. It's almost a bit gloopy like, when pouring into the ring cup. This is totally normal. For some people they find it takes them a little bit to get used to, but you'll see below some of the benefits of this when it comes to creating fans and how little you need to use to do a full set. 

Applying the glue to the lashes

You can see from the video clip that you literally need the tiniest amount of glue, ever! Glide the lashes over the top of the glue, don't dip it in, you just want the thinnest amount on them-that's all you need. If you go to put the fan on a lash and it has a bobble of glue on the end that is too much and whilst the uv light will still cure it 100% dry, this can cause stickies if not held under the light for long enough. 

Creating Fans using UV glue

One of the great things about UV glue is that because it doesn't dry until under the UV light when you pick up your lashes and glide them over the glue it's possible to get them to fan out using gravity on the edge of the ring cup. This means you don't have to use your fingers to create those fans anymore which saves so much time when lashing. 

Curing the UV lash glue

Even though you technically only need 1-2 seconds under the UV lash light sometimes the lashes might not be sticking to the lashes. Why? Because the UV light placement is incorrect. If the light is placed too closely to the lashes or too far away because of the position you're sitting, it might look like the light is near the lashes but actually, if you come to the side and look, it's actually just missing the lashes or is in the outer side of the light (where it's not as strong) so it's not curing them properly. The light should be around the same height as your forehead from the lashes you are lashing and directly over the lashes. This will be the only reason the lashes aren't curing. The only other time the lashes don't cure as well is when the UV glue is coming to the end of its shelf life. Once opened you have up to 3 months to use it but its at its best for up to 2 months. 

Up-skill by doing our UV lash Training Course

If you're struggling to get to grips with the UV Lash Glue system you can always upskill and do a half day course with us here at UV Lash Glue. UV Lash Glue Cosmetics was created by a fellow lash tech who has been developing the system specifically for the needs of lash techs. We can teach you all the tips and tricks to get you set up with the UV Lash Glue System. We offer 1 on 1 training in our Kent studio. Get in contact for more details. 

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